Hi Adrian.07/05/2015

The loader has been a god send to my company and very glad I purchased it of you.I’m very interested in the ramps as transporting it from site to site is a pain. It could do with a bloody good service and new tyres ect on it plus a re spray is this something you would be interested in. Many thanks Alex

Dear Adrian, 12/02/2015

Thank you for selling me one of your Easi-Loaders… it has been invaluable to me, I honestly don’t know how I have previously managed without it.

From ordering it, to delivery and after sales help, I have received nothing but 5* service from you and your team.

Many thanks again,

Nigel Horne


Adrian 25/06/2014

The more I use it, the better I find it. It has saved me at least 20 400m barrow journeys with this bark mulch, since it now carries 4 barrow loads. And, the more I use it, the easier it becomes. But steering can certainly be improved.

Anyway, I’m so glad I bought it; to such an extent, I will install an alarm to stop it being half-inched from its shed.

So, good to use a bit of British engineering: well done.

Adrian 07/05/2014
Just received your mail, I have been out of the office for 2 days I will telephone tomorrow with my card details.
The Easiloader has proved to be a very good investment, I am surprised with the power of the engine.
I live on a hill and my drive also slopes to the top, when building materials are delivered I have them dropped onto 1000×1200 pallets and in the past it has taken 6 people to pull the pallets up the drive using the hand truck.
Using the easiloader we can manage with 2 people.

 Very well packaged….arrived when you said and what a brilliant machine….we are extremely happy.
D Moore ( Foundation Building Ltd)

 Adrian I am delighted with the machine I have a dodgy arm but I can use it easily and it really does go up steep slopes…we do have few around here…
Tony Hodgson. Dollgellau
 Hi Adrian, Some photo’s of it on a job, sorry they took so long. It’s a really sturdy machine and eats the day up especially with that 5th gear. We keep fighting over who is using it. Thanks mate.
Jon Portess ( Portess Builders) Boston

Yes we got the Power Barrow…and I just phoned to say thank you, I like to express my thanks when some one pulls out the stops and does what he says he will. As for the Power Barrow it’s exactly what we wanted and works a treat….well done.
Mike Luff ( Swannington Heritage Trust) Coalville.

 ………no I bought mine second hand 4 years ago it was 3 years old then being a landscaper I use it every day. What I need is a part for the carburettor, can you help (Later) Thanks for all the help everything sorted now…
Laurence Mitchel ( Devon)

 ……no I don’t mind showing (bought a MD Contractor) to some one…give them my number and will gladly demonstrate, we have been giving it some stick for weeks now and it is just so well engineered I am very happy we chose you…..
Wayne Cambel ( Crystal Engraving)

 Adrian I have received the two machines and they are 10 times better than I was selling last year
but I am sick of selling rubbish, so we will sell your machines from now on I will send an order New Year.
Carl Olsen (Dia Proff Norge as Norway)

 I can honestly say your easiloader is 20 times better than the Muck Truck we have replaced,
I am over the moon with it……unbelievable build quality……
Jimmy Little ( Builder Cumbria)

Hi Adrian,
Many thanks for your first class service. Our well packaged Easi-loader arrived on Friday, as you said it would!
The machine looks great and has already done a lot of work around our stable-yard. Long may that continue!
All the best
Ged Rhind (Ventnor IoW)

Hi Adrian,

Sorry I havn’t replyed earlier, there is only one word for easi-loader, FANTASTIC ! It performs better than you told me making all jobs so much easier. My only regret is not buying one sooner.

Many thanks

Clark Calvely. (Treaddur Bay Anglesey)

Hi Adrian
I know what you mean. I’ve had a rethink on the flat bed and no longer need it. I’ve made some extensions to the barrow which are doing the job pretty well. Overall I am delighted with the barrow, it is great quality and performs really well. I would still like some turf wheels so if you can get them for me I will wait. Please let me know if this is OK.

On 11 Aug 2012, at 11:14, Adrian Roberts <adrian@easiloader.co.uk> wrote:


What a fantastic bit of kit, on a landscape job I’ve had it shift 8cu m of compost round the side of a house single handed in the same time it would have taken 3 or 4 of us charging around with barrows. Also using the platform bed for shifting timbers up the bank was a great labour saver.

Very pleased with it , thanks.

Mike Hayton
Belcom Cables Ltd

Dear Mr Roberts,

Further to your helpful discussion on 15th August and after viewing your video I bought a 4wd Easiloader 250 through Beddoes Machinery, the local dealers who have supplied various other machines for landscape/forestry use.

The Easiloader went down to Lambourn to move chalk and drainage arisings from an extremely cramped site and was used to fill Hippo skip bags.

It made light of what might have been an extremely exhausting job which also included carting concrete rubble up a planked external stairway.  It will be returning to hump concrete block pavers in the near future.

The machine was sufficiently compact and the controls responsive enough for use on this difficult site and generally the machine was a pleasure to use.

Thank you for your prompt attention to my order.

Yours sincerely

Guy Cholmeley

It is an excellent little tool, summed up best by the two brickies that have used it the most, “we never want to go back to a barrow”.

Bill Tustin

Hi Adrian
good to hear from you and it would of been good to see you, dumper is managing well with slope, have only been half filling it as that felt good (safe).
I am out all day tomorrow delivering veg boxes so wont be here working. We did take up 12+ loads today from the field below the road to the top and apart from struggling for traction with nearside wheels on grass and loose rocks the machine is fantastic.
All the best
(Footnote from Adrian) The slope is seriously steep 35+degrees.

Good morning Adrian

I thought you might like to know that I’m so far very pleased with the microdumper.

I’ve used it quite a bit this week and I find it very suitable for our primary requirement – shifting large amount of fire logs up steepish slopes and accessing places with not much space to manoeuvre. There’s no doubt we will find it useful for many other things in time. I chose your machine because the design, features and construction quality seemed to be very much better than all the other models I looked at – I’m pleased to say that using it has confirmed this judgement.

If you need a reference for any future sales propects in this part of the world, I’d be happy to give them my opinion, or show them the machine if they are in this area.

Best wishes

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