Power-Barrow 250 kg

The easy to use Power-Barrow with 250 kg capacity. The perfect machine for builders, landscapers, gardeners, nurseries, small holdings and self-build. Another great product from Easi-Loader. Now with extra upgrades, that have been designed to safe guard the Power-Barrow in case of accidents and to ensure a long life. With an improved engine and gear box it is a faster, go anywhere machine that has been developed to reduce fatigue on the operator.
  • 250 kg capacity
  • New floating power noise / vibration suppression system
  • 5 forward gears and 1 reverse
  • Selectable 2 or 4 wheel drive
  • The unique Easitip 2 stage self tumble system
  • Designed to fit through a standard doorway or rear garden gate, measuring only 715 mm wide (28 inches)
  • Climbs an impressive 30 degree slope fully loaded
  • Interchangeable accessories that can be fitted in seconds with the simplicity of the single fulcrum pin
  • Continuously welded, plastic coated metal bucket
  • Rear axle pivots so all 4 wheels are in contact with the ground
  • Quick release on rear wheels
  • Engine guard
  • Gearbox guard
  • Remote petrol tank as standard
Powered by Honda
5.5 HP Honda GXV 160 four stroke engine.
Comes with a 24 month warranty as standard.
Transmission by Tecumseh
6 speed heavy duty transmission by the world leaders in peerless transaxles.
Comes with a 12 month warranty as standard.
Better By by Design
The Power-Barrow 250 kg has been specifically designed with front axle carriers. In the event of overload, the front axle carriers will fail before the gearbox axle and so avoids immediate damage to the gearbox axle. Resulting in the cost to repair being £30 rather than £350 to replace a new gear box axle.
In addition our bespoke handle bars are designed in sections to allow the damaged part to be easily replaced and avoids the high cost of replacing an entire handle bar section.
These are just two of our simple solutions designed to help save you time and money, that’s why Easi-Loader are the leading brand in Micro-Dumpers and Power-Barrows.
Only Easi-Loader products have unique Easitip 2 stage self tumble system. This is the only Power-Barrow that self tips on the market. All catches are well away from the floor so they do not get covered in debris.
24 Months Warranty
A full 24 months manufacturers warranty on build quality and parts.